3 Ways to Overcome Fear and Follow Your Dreams


FEAR- the real four letter word that is nasty and derogatory to our growth. We let fear hold us back from living the life of our dreams.  We let fear have such a strong grasp on us that we settle for mediocrity in life thinking its safer this way.  What a bunch of BS.  What if today you made a list of the real fears that are holding you back from greatness and devised a plan to overcome them one by one? Today’s blog post will discuss three strategies (yes, I like the number three when I write) to kick your fears to the curb and get moving with this beautiful thing called life.

#1 Self-educate. When I decided to invest in real estate the fear was real. What if I failed miserably? Lost all my money? Bad tenants? Vacancies? I was focused on all the negative aspects of investing but I needed to change my focus. That’s where getting an education came into play. I enrolled in real estate courses, attended seminars, read hundreds of books, went to networking events and guess what happened? I achieved a broader, more intelligent perspective on real estate investing and when I finally made the leap I did so armed with knowledge and a new mindset. Get an education on the area of interest that you are afraid to pursue and change your perspective.

#2  Take baby steps and then a leap of faith. After I wrote my first book I was petrified that no one would care, let alone purchase it. Why was I being so negative? Because I was afraid of failing and looking stupid to my friends and family. But despite this fear I forged ahead and it all started with a little newsletter called Tips For Success. I used this newsletter to not only promote my book but also highlight the accomplishments of other entrepreneurs and authors.  It spread like wild fire and as a result I was bombarded with so many opportunities that changed my life!   I never imagined that I would be chosen as one of Philadelphia’s Sexist Singles by the Daily News or deliver  the Keynote address to the graduating class of Furness High.  I also hosted countless book signings, put on workshops and even had modeling opportunities- the list goes on! FYI, I had no PR agent- just my good ‘ole buddy God. Take small steps and you will be amazed at the BIG outcomes!

#3 Do something every day that gets you one step closer to your goal. Right now my life is crazy! I’m a full-time career woman, mom to a never-ending- energy- filled-toddler, real estate investor, blogger, writer and seminar speaker. I get it all done by doing something every day that gets me closer to each of my goals. I don’t care how small it is, I do it. I check it off the list and at the end of the year I track and measure my progress towards each goal. It keeps me motivated, inspired and happy. Keep your list close (I keep my list stored on my Iphone) and never lose sight of your goals. Small steps today add up to goals that are eventually achieved.

Do that which you are afraid to do! I believe fear is God’s way of pushing us towards greatness. How will you get better and grow if you aren’t doing things that stretch you? Get out of your comfort zone and live life with no regrets. Do you want to be that grumpy 85 year old woman who is bitter at the world because she was too afraid to follow her dreams? I know I don’t- get out there and make it happen.  #noexcuses


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