3 Tips on How Your 9-5 Can Fuel Your Side Passion

One of the best features of Instagram for me is being able to be a voyeur in the life is some pretty amazing people who have accomplished some pretty amazing things. From entrepreneurs to CEO’s you can get a glimpse into their life through pictures and brief content that can truly inspire you to keep pressing forward with your goals. During one of my Instagram voyeur sessions I ran across the profile of a young lady who quit her job to open her own clothing boutique. I didn’t know this young lady but I was so proud of her accomplishment and quickly joined the comments section to offer my congratulations with a thumbs up. As I scrolled down the comments section I stumbled across a comment that inspired today’s blog post. It read: I hate my job and this has inspired me to quit my job and open my own boutique. I have no money or resources but I’m gonna do it.

Now whether or not this poster actually acted upon her desire, made me think of how many folks out there are unhappy in their current gigs and dream of a way out to pursue their passions. My take on it is this- there is a beauty to being gainfully employed in a job that can teach you all of the skills necessary to fuel your passions in your personal life. The key is to remember that just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean that others will be. Your test will be to use your passion and monetize it in a way that brings value and helps others solve a problem. Here are 3 tips below to help you rethink the value that your 9-5 brings to your life and how you can bring all of the benefits from it to your side passion.

1. Learn everything that you can in your current role and take advantage of every opportunity to grow and develop. Instead of dreading work every day and hating the people around you begin to examine your environment as a case study. Think about it- if you started your own business today you would have a new boss- it’s called your clients. They have wants and needs and can quickly leave you if they feel those needs aren’t being met. Learn how to better coexist with your co-workers- who knows, they might be future clients if you ever decided to embark out on your own. Additionally, instead of passing up on that lunch seminar or avoiding after work networking opportunities, take advantage of them and push yourself out of your comfort zone to learn new things.

2. Never bring your side passion to your 9-5. I remember coming into the office one day and my coworker had just signed up for a multi-level marketing opportunity where she wanted folks to sign up to sell energy drinks. It was very annoying and she took every opportunity she got to sell and promote her side hustle. It turned a lot of people off- so much that folks began to complain to her supervisors that she wasn’t focused on work and was too immersed in her new network marketing venture. Keep the two separate. Your job does not compensate you to come to work to fund your new side venture. Make sure to keep a low profile and do your side hustle on your own personal time.

3. Fund your passion with your profits from your 9-5. Starting a business in expensive! Marketing costs, office supplies, hiring employees, healthcare costs, insurance- the list goes on. The majority of your discretionary income from your day job should be used towards your passions. “Passion funds” come in handy when you need to make flyers for promotional purposes or rent a venue for space. Remember that you have the best of both worlds right now so use your time and funds wisely.
Life only gets exciting and adventurous when we make it that way. There is no magical fairy that will sprinkle happy dust into your life and create change- we are responsible for that. So make the best of your corporate job and use the money that you make to invest in your future and follow your passions. When the time is right perhaps you will take the plunge into entrepreneurship and do your own thing. But in the meantime consider it a blessing to be where you are and take advantage of every opportunity you can.

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